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— by Intuitive Michael Intuitive Michael
evening ShyGuy -
financial and career items are am I sure at the top of many "worry" list lately.
many residents of USA have come to me over the last while, quite concerned over their situations and rightfully so! I quickly have the ace of coins for you - and that in itself does bode well, however it gives you a time line of 1. Simply put: live one day at a time, one month at a time. Do what you need to do, to get to tomorrow, financially speaking. Break down your "needs" into a daily goals list and you will reach them. Instead of looking at the big picture and flip out - because if you are thinking long term and that you will never pay that debt or make that payment, you will not only frustrate yourself but block the abundance and opportunities from yourself. One step at a time, baby steps, make daily NEEDS goals, and they will be much easier to achieve and then you will start building yourself up again.
Bascially where you are today, you wont be in a months time, maybe even a weeks time or by November 1st with this ace card, its all about you #1, and what is best for you. SO keep this in mind. and literally next week, next month and January and next year, all these time lines when you look back you will say - wow - I never expected to make it this far. Its all good Shy, just need to take #1 into account, baby steps and one day at a time.
Have a great night and look me up at, I can help you with the bigger details of the job and career mess you are needing some insights into...
Love and Light