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Re: Should I move on or give him another chance?
— by Helpful Teresa Helpful Teresa
I think you already know in your heart what to do.  This guy has disappeared for weeks with minimal contact-this is no way fair.  And definitely not the way you treat someone that you are planning to have a future with.

He is obviously living his life, wherever he has gone to, without looking back.  I know its very difficult when someone doesn't even have the decency to let you know where you stand.  The energy that I'm picking up from him is very self-centered, I'm not picking up a lot of caring about the consequences of his actions.

As far as when he'll be back, I'm not getting that clearly at all; I have to wonder if he has even made that decision yet-I don't think he has.  I'm really getting a sense of he is working while he is out of town, and that work is his biggest priority.  He may stay out of town as long as he finds consistent work there.  

If he does come back to town, and you are still waiting, sure he would be willing to see you again.  But you are completely correct in that if you are not waiting, it won't faze him at all.  It's really your decision if you want to stay with, or wait for, someone who disregards you and your feelings so cavalierly.  As I said at the beginning, I'm sure you already know what you should do.  

I would be happy to go into this in more depth with you if you would like to contact me personally.



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