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Should I move on or give him another chance?
— by Scorpio4 Scorpio4
I have been involved with someone for several months.  They went out of town originally for one week but have been gone for several weeks now.  I don't know when they are coming back and we haven't talked much since they have been gone.  I really cared for this guy and truly thought we were making progress but with how things have been over the past several weeks and him not coming back (yet?) I don't know what to think or do.  If or when is he coming back?  Is there any hope for this to turn into anything better if he comes back?  Or any I just wasting my time?  Where is his brain and heart in all of this?  If I ever get the opportunity to talk with him, I don't know if it would faze him that much about whether I go or stay because I have barely heard from him.  I just want to stop feeling like this and know what to do.  Any light that can be shed on this situation would be great.  Thank you.