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I started to get to know and get involved with someone 4-5 months ago.  It started out as friendship but has progressed to more.  I really like this guy and think I have fallen for him.  This "relationship" has been different than anything I have ever experienced in a good way.  However, I'm unsure how he feels about me.  I know he has some past issues keeping him stuck from moving forward with his feelings if he has any for me at all other than friendship and attraction.  I'm also confused because he wants to move 600 miles away to where he used to live for several years.  I was hoping that there was potential for this to grow into something much deeper and possibly even potential for this to be long-term but with his state of mind with past issues and him wanting to move back so much, I'm feeling sad and confused about this.  I really wish I knew if he was falling for me, too, and if that could change things for him.  Is there hope for this to be more?