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Hi Jo-Ann,

Happy New Year to you also!

What I'm sensing is that Dav is trying to reconnect with you to a degree.  He definitely has warm memories of you and your time together. He absolutely wants you back in his life, at least as a friend.  

I'm not really getting that he has romantic intentions at this moment, but he hasn't shut the door on that either.  He didn't contact you  necessarily looking to get back together, but if it works out that way I believe he would be open to it.

I'm also getting travel in his future, so a visit is not out of the question.  

I'm not picking up any ulterior motives on his part, the strongest energy coming through is just that he wants to say hello, to be back in touch, to at least be somewhat friendly.

I hope this helps, and I would be happy to go into things in more detail with you if you contact me at


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