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Hi Zig,

The biggest thing I'm picking up is that Lee seems to have a lot going on right now, especially in the job/career area.  Things really seem to be happening quickly for him and I'm sensing that he is maybe struggling to keep up.  This may very well be just added responsibilities that he's either been given or taken on voluntarily; either way he's really almost struggling to keep afloat.  

I'm not really sensing when you'll be hearing from him again, though I think it will be at least a few months.  I am sensing that he feels some kind of disconnect with you.  Its almost as if he feels you somehow wronged him, though part of him knows this isn't true.  I'm sensing that its easier for him to try to convince himself you did something wrong and that's why he's not in contact with you.  It's also something relatively minor that happened between you two that he is really blowing out of all proportion in his mind, and that he at least subconsciously knows that he is not being fair in this.

Given enough time I think Lee will probably see things more clearly and at that time he may reach out to you and want to resume your friendship.  Unfortunately, I don't see a specific time frame for this to happen.

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