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Hi J.A.

I'm glad you like the new site, we're all really excited about it!

There is definitely a strong bond between you and Chris; there is a lot of caring and love between the two of you. Chris will definitely stay in touch with you as time goes on, and will always be there for you.

Chris sees you as a lot of different things: as a very warm person, someone who works hard at everything in their life.  He sees you as very family/relationship focused and as someone who tries hard to balance everything in their life and to make it all "work".  There has definitely been romantic interest at different times in your relationship.  I think the timing has usually been when you are with someone else or otherwise not available.  

At this point, romantically, Chris is basically feeling that it just isn't meant to be with you.  Not that you've done anything to put him off, just that since the timing has never been right, he has basically moved on with his life in a romantic direction.  He will always love you, at least as a friend and be there for you though.

He's also glad that he was there to help you through your recent troubles, he's just sorry you had to go through all of that.  He's always glad to see you when you two do get together, but he obviously prefers it be when things are going well for both of you!

As far as what the future holds, your friendship will definitely continue and I certainly wouldn't rule out a romantic involvement but only if the time was right for both of you.  Chris has, as I said, pretty much decided that a romance between the two of you just isn't going to happen; you could certainly let him know that you are open to a more romantic relationship with him.  Just understand that he is going to be somewhat hesitant, and to want to make sure that its not just a reaction to his being there for you during difficult times.

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