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— by Mystic Angel Mystic Angel
Hi Spiritual13 - thank you for posting your question!

Interestingly enough I pulled the Magician 1st major arcana card for this insight. Right off the top I feel this man can bring the "magic" you seek in your life, relationship wise. This card also shows that there is the chemistry and elements of desire and intrigue that comes with new relationships. So it confirms your suspicion that his interest level is high and that the energy is there.
The book meaning of this card does talk about you having the magic within yourself to bring about positive changes and manifestation with this relationship. Have confidence in your feelings and this chemistry between the 2 of you and the relationship will become stronger. This card also indicates communication. So you do need to talk to him, express your feelings for him, and in doing so will show him that he can express his as well. The only bad part about this is mercury is retrograde so communicative efforts right now, may go haywire. So time frame wise since this is the 1st major card, I feel a month from now things will be better for talking and discussing the feelings and your connection, and then you will have much more direct answers from him at that time, when you can have solid communication. Further January, the 1st month of the new year, shows that will be a rather "Magical" time for your relationship and likely when things will get much more deep and more awareness for the long term. Keeping that 1 time frame still intact, it may be a whole year from when you first met each other before you can confirm that solidary to a long term committed situation. BUT the biggest thing right now to remember is that you have the power within you to make this turn out the way you desire: you hold the magic within to manifest your desires. Use it wisely.
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Have a great Saturday!
Mystic Angel
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