New love soon?

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New love soon?

I want to know if there is a new man soon in my life!
Been single for a few months now. Would be nice to spend the holidays with someone special.
 Nice site btw I like the readers- and like how I can get a phone reading or video session all in one place.
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Re: New love soon?

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Hi Lin!

I'm glad you like the site!! I definitely understand wanting someone to spend the holidays with and I do feel someone new coming your way. I do not believe this individual is currently in your direct circle of contacts as he feels to possibly be a friend of a friend. I don't necessarily believe this will be a blind 'setup' either because I do believe he may have been mentioned to you before. No credence was given to that in the past.

He's somewhat of a quiet guy and a bit of a hobbyist, but is someone that enjoys sharing his stories, has aspirations to travel, and genuinely appreciates good conversation. While he may lack a bit of spontaneity (prefers to make plans), I do believe his genuine candor makes up for that.

I would look for this connection to surface within the next 7 weeks. I don't believe it will turn into an all out relationship by the time the holidays are here; however, connections like this can be worth the wait.

I would encourage you to keep staying open to the idea of someone new. Start manifesting the people you want to come into your life by aligning your emotions and intentions. When properly put together, we will literally draw in the people we want in our life. Stay positive, keep pushing those good vibes out there, and just know this will change!

Blessings to you!

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